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Need advice? Need female companionship? This community is for all women to vent, to ask questions, ask for advice, give advice, or just be in a Safe-Space environment with other women.

You may ask about anything in this community, but for some examples, ask about sex, relationships, medical issues, emotional issues, professional problems, family drama...etc.

If you would like to receive advice, but anonymously, you may email the post you would like posted to the community email address, her_answers@hotmail.com, and one of the maintainers will post it for you.

Thinking of becoming a member?

Currently, her_answers is moderating new members. But don't let that sway you! This is solely to assure that only women join this group **To see her_answers definition of "woman", please see below.**. We will accept any new members into the community. Once your membership has been authorized (which should be within a day of joining), all you need to do is copy the following (very informal) form, fill it out, and post it on the community, tagging the entry as "Introduction".

Why the form? This is our way of letting our members get to know you. The purpose of our community is to be a haven, and the best way to allow our members to feel safe and trust our environment is for the members to be able to get to know each other. Judgement is not in our vocabulary.

If you so desire, you may also visit and complete our "Getting To Know You" member page. You can also see short biographies of other members here as well once you join.

her_answers Definition of "Woman"

We define anyone who mentally believes themselves to be a woman, regardless of physical traits, as a woman.

That being said, trolling or flaming of any kind in this community will NOT be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly. Maintaining the SafeSpace here and her_answers is of utmost importance to the moderators.

If you have any questions about our policies here at her_answers, please don't hesitate to email the moderators at her_answers@hotmail.com.

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