Courtney (wolfsembrace) wrote in her_answers,


Name we can call you by: courtney

Occupation: student

What you do when you're slacking off: i used to sleep when i'm not at work, but now i have a puppy to play with

Significant other?: not anymore

Sexual Preference?: bisexual

Political affiliation--or the party that the least objectionable candidate normally sides with: um, no. i don't like politics

So...why are you here? to help those that need advice and get it myself when i need it the most

Best Compliment ever: i love your pink hair! i love it too!!

Age/Emotional age: i am 19 and act much older, not that old, somewhere in my eariler twenties. at least a friend told me this. when i am near a breakdown i usually act around 16.

Please tell us whatever you want to help us get to know you better! i'm shy. really shy. it took me a bit just to write this up! i love talking to people, it just takes me time, you know?

Post a picture of yourself! (We're big into pictures here):i wish i had a picture, but there is no digital camera or webcam within my house. sorry!!
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