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Someone who will cherish your name...

I work with a really amazing woman named Brooke. Brooke has been with Friday's for 5 years and is by far our best server. She's blunt and she's honest and she has limited bull shit tolerance for sure. She's incredibly intimidating but when you get her in a conversation she'll teach you everything. She makes you think about everything you do and say, its crazy.

This evening after our day shifts, Brooke and I were discussing the guy I'm dating. I was mentioning some things he's said and done lately that have been kind of a turn off. She asked me why I put up with it? I told her I wasn't in it for the long run. She immediately became a different person. She started putting together the words in her head to tell me how crazy of an idea that was. She said, "Wasting time is making mistakes. Think about it." She asked me, "Do you want women to put their hands on your husband?" Of course I said "No". She continued, "Then why put your hands on someone else's husband?" She told me that it bothers her to know how many women her finace has been with and to know how many people she's been with. "It's upsetting to think about how many women have put their hands all over the love of my life."

At first I thought she was crazy, but I've thought about it for the whole night. It's part of the reason I am still awake right now. She's absolutely right. I dont want my husband to have had all these other women in his life because he was meant for me! He is the person I was supposed to be with and its almost as if the other women took him from me before I even got there. Maybe I'm sounding crazy too. At a glance this is almost like preaching abstinence, but I hope you see where its more than that.

Out of respect for you and your future husbands, ladies, I pledge my hands off policy. Because I could sleep with the next guy and he could end up marrying you, he could be the person you want to grow old with, but I had my hands all over him first. Now how do you feel? I hope that out of respect for me or your friends and our future husbands, you will do the same.

 I'm done wasting my time with guys that aren't meant for me. Its not fair for me to occupy their time or put my hands all over someone else's someone. I'm not looking for a soul mate at 18, I'm just not spending more time on relationships that are meant to happen between two other people. Dating isnt that much fun for me anyways. I don't like the mind games or the desperate attmept to hide all feelings or the mile long list of do's and dont's so as not to scare the other person off. I'm done with games.

Don't ever settle. Don't ever take what you can get, instead find the beauty in waiting for what you deserve.

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