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OK, I joined this community a while back and have just realised that I never actually did this whole introduction thing and thought that I probally should... so, here goes!

Name we can call you by: Lucy

Occupation: Student, 1st Year Bsc Environmental Science.

What you do when you're slacking off: Go on MSN, generally do a whole load of nothing. I am a first year student so am rather lazy! hehe.

Significant other?: Nope.

Sexual Preference?: Straight.

Political affiliation--or the party that the least objectionable candidate normally sides with: Political questions... hmmmmm. erm... I dunno.

So...why are you here? I like reading peoples problems and offer advice if I can at all.

Best Compliment ever: You have a cute ass! haha... lol. I feel so stupid putting that...

Age/Emotional age: 19/ emotional age... this is difficult! Probally 19 still... considering theres half of me which can act about 15 and another which is older. hm. Will go with 19 though.

Please tell us whatever you want to help us get to know you better! I dont think theres anything right now that in general that could help me directly. I dont know myself that well I feel and sometimes I dont know why I do the things that I do so I guess I am still finding myself.

Post a picture of yourself! (We're big into pictures here):
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