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oh my....

My fiance just sent me this link: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0217062contract1.html

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages
Repulsive "Wifely Expectations" pact emerges in Iowa kidnap case

FEBRUARY 17--This country, as you know, is filled with the deranged. And then there's Travis Frey, a 33-year-old Iowa man who is facing charges that he tried to kidnap his own wife (not to mention a separate child pornography rap). Frey, prosecutors contend, apparently is a rather demanding guy. In fact, he actually drew up a bizarre four-page marriage document--a "Contract of Wifely Expectations"--that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities. In return for fulfilling certain requirements, Frey (pictured right) offered "Good Behavior Days," or GBDs. Each GBD, Frey wrote, could be redeemed by his wife to "get out of doing the things" he requested daily. A copy of the proposed contract, which Frey's wife never signed and later provided to cops, can be found below. While we normally point out the highlights of most documents, there are so many in this demented, and very graphic, contract, we really can't do it justice. So set aside ten minutes--and prepare to be repulsed. (4 pages)

This guy is wacko.
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fuckin what?!
lol, my thoughts exactly.
This guy was totally living in his parents' basement. o.O;
Interesting, and to me, rather repulsive. I could see it if there were no children involved, and both partners wanted a dom/sub relationship, but even then is that taking it too far. I'm all for live and let live, but only when both parties agree, which they clearly did not here. And really...just, wow.
Some people really don't need to exist.
Ugh... that is frightful, and my fiance was disgusted with such as well. To think there still are people in the world like such...
Thats strange... I mean, he obviously saw his wife as property.

Isnt that the way it used to be actually? Not that I agree of corse.
that is not a marriage.

Holy shit. Marriage is only fun when it's a willing partnership. I can't even IMAGINE having a husband be my slave. I can only think how LONELY it would be,

People can be complete and total assholes. What's even worse is that people like this are reproducing.

I wish I could slap him.
looks like a fairly standard master/slave contract to me.

this is very upsetting. Why would she put up with this?