clouds in my coffee (lily403) wrote in her_answers,
clouds in my coffee

Name we can call you by: Lily
Occupation: Student
What you do when you're slacking off: Read, or if I'm being intellectually lazy, watch TV.
Significant other?: Lacking at the moment. ><
Sexual Preference?: Anyone who I love and will have me.
Political affiliation--or the party that the least objectionable candidate normally sides with: Democrat
So...why are you here? Because I'm sick of being told that my being female is something to be ashamed of and makes me inherently inferior to men.
Best Compliment ever: "You will burn in hell", but only from religious extremists. Something about having stupid people hate me makes me feel like I'm doing something right. ^_~
Age/Emotional age: 14 / Um, probably something older? I'm needy and insecure but not quite as superficial and grammatically incorrect as most people my age. (I hope.) Age is all relative, anyway.
Please tell us whatever you want to help us get to know you better!
Let's see. I'm an aspiring writer from upstate New York who is deeply disturbed by discrimination. I also have--well, I was going to say that I had poor self-esteem, but that's an exaggeration. I don't have self-esteem, period. But hey, I'm working on that. I've attended Catholic school my whole life and am still struggling with the afteraffects of the brainwashing. Also I am a hopeless and idealistic romantic, as evidenced by my love of modern musical theater. And I guess that's it. :x
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