the official wannabe (thelostgirl) wrote in her_answers,
the official wannabe

Name we can call you by: Kelly
Occupation: Line Cook
What you do when you're slacking off: Search Internet Comics
Significant other?: noppers
Sexual Preference?: straight
Political affiliation--or the party that the least objectionable candidate normally sides with: usually left
So...why are you here?: never know what you can learn or what you can share
Best Compliment ever: N/A
Age/Emotional age: 20/ ?
Please tell us whatever you want to help us get to know you better!: The reason I chose Culinary arts as my major is because of my Italian roots. I may look very German, and act very southern, but I'm Italian at heart, and all the big family meals; laughing and talking, and bonding around food makes me want to share that with the rest of the world. Idealistic huh?
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