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and finally, my gender is an advantage in physical competition

HELL yeah.
I'm not very good at sports.
I'm not sure why- I mean, I'm coordinated. I can dance really well- always have. I'm fast- I've always been a great runner, but give me a ball and a goal and I turn into a spineless moron. I have no idea why. I just...suck. So to proctect myself and my gender, I refrain from playing so I don't have to hear someone tell me I suck 'cuz I'm a girl.

My husband and I started fencing a few weeks ago. Last ngiht we finally started open-bouting in my fencing class- in which most of the students are men. I kicked ass.
I mean...I totally rocked. I think I got hit once...and I hit each partner I was with (all men) 3 or 4 times. The advantage was partially in my boobs- really. Everyone was so preoccupiedwith where NOT to hit that I was able to lunge while they were still thinking. It was so fucking cool.

w00t for physical combat.
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